Friday, November 8, 2013

Challenge Day 8 DIY Ribbon Organizer

I've been organizing my Scrapbooking/Craft area
for quite a while on and off, just whenever I have a little time
So this is my creative moment of the day.
This picture right here shows you where I've been planning to put
all my ribbons,
never mind the mess I have there, I'll work on it little by little
right now I just wanted this ribbons up there :D
This is an old but very firm repurposed entertainment center
which I am using for all my scraps, crafts, knitting, painting, etc.
The edge was very rough looking
that's why I painted right there

Now for the creative part :)
I bought a dowell to put my ribbons on
but I didn't have a way to hold the dowell
and my husband had this very handy super big paper clips
and Wala!

There is my ribbon holder :)

Now that I think about it, I should go paint the dowell too lol
Not the prettiest but very thrifty and very handy too :)
thanks for visiting :)